The Treasure of Lemon Brown

"That was my treasure…he treated it just like that, a treasure"

The Conversation Begins

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This blog is a forum for your group and your classmates to have a conversation about Walter Dean Myer’s character study,  The Treasure of Lemon Brown.  Working with your group, find significant details in the story. Look for a specific passage, a pivotal event, or an important symbol. Explore the author’s use of language, mood and tone.  Consider the relationship between the characters.  Think about the way that the characters are described, their characteristics, the conflicts that they face, the actions they take, and their emotional reactions. Investigate the setting – pay attention to descriptive words and details that are used to describe the place and time of the story.

Finally, find something that grabs your interest and that you want to examine carefully. Investigate the story completely — make it your own. Learn everything you can about it, and then develop a well written post.  Use hypertext to connect to ideas and provide context for your writing.  You may want to find or create images and other media to express your ideas.  As you and your group members contribute posts, read each others’ ideas and make thoughtful comments.

Shyann says, Myers uses plot to reveal symbolism by developing conflict to show theme.

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Homless Abondoned

While thinking about The Treasure of Lemon Brown a short story by  Walter Dean Myers, I started to consider what his treasure would symbolize. Myers way  of creating conflict that helps develop plot that really defines the theme of the story stands out in my mind as needing some interpretation. When Myers writes,

“That was my treasure…he treated it just like that a treasure,

I have found that to Lemon Brown the little things mean the most. Meaning the little things symbolize something better. He shows this by his treasure and how much it means to him because of the background it has and not just what value of expense it attains. In my life i don’t think i could ever go through what he has and have the same attitude and reactions to how he lives life everyday. Lemon Brown is homeless but as Greg talks to him you can see that he never really looks at it with antagonistic approach. Throughout the story he talks about all the conflict he has been through and not once does he say anything to imply that where he is at is appalling. When i think of Lemon Brown I think of what a sophisticated man he is. And how he never once gave up even though he might not have been where he wants to be. and knows that once he had everything but understands that not everything nor anybody is perfect.

When Lemon Brown asks,

“you ain’t one of those bad boys looking for my treasure is you”

The tone of the statement is very clear Lemon Brown is speaking with an attitude towards his treasure revealing how much it means to him. This is where Greg realizes that the treasure means everything to Brown. Using the term bad boys i think Myers is referring to as thugs, gangsters, or maybe even just troublemakers who think that because Brown is a homeless, old man, that it would be easy to steal his treasure for their own use. When they think of treasure their thoughts might lead to money or something worth capital value. But instead Browns treasure will mean more to him than any money can buy because of the history it holds and just how much his treasure really means to him.

There’s a part in the story where Brown describes how his life ended up the way it did,

“Hard times, boy. Hard times always after a poor man.  One day I
got tired, sat down to rest a spell and felt a tap on my shoulder. Hard
times caught up with me.”

This quotes shows so many things that reveal a bigger picture. Brown states hard times catching up with him with a tap on his shoulder. This statement shows that he didn’t ask for the way he ended up but still yet not quite sure how he ended of where he did. But accepts it and realizes that he has it better than most. When he refers to hard times, he means that the things that went well before were starting losing their value and eventually finally decomposed to where brown ended homeless.Also when he says he sat down to rest a spell mean , he took a break from obstacles in his life good or bad but they eventually caught up with him.This quotes sets the structure of the story because this is where Brown defines who he is and what is past life had been like. This is also where you start to figure out how much his treasure is of value to him. And can see the bigger Idea of the story.

This quote reveals how much treasure means to Brown or anyone for that matter,

“What you mean, if I have one.” Lemon Brown said. “Every man
got a treasure. You don’t know that, you must be a fool!”

This is where you can see that his treasure has more than initial money value. From here you can see that he has a great connection to his treasure. The attitude that Brown has when talking Greg stating that every man has a treasure and whoever doesn’t know that is a fool. Meaning that everyone has something or someone that means the world to them. This part in the story really brings out the theme. I think the theme of the story is the little things mean the most, and this part in the story Greg is finally realizing that the little things mean the most

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Finally toward the end of the story Brown is willing to show Greg his treasure. When Brown is showing him the treasure Greg believes that it is something worth money value. But when the treasure is revealed he notices that its something that he would never consider being a treasure. Brow starts to explain why his treasure means so much. He explain how it was a gift to his son from him before he went to war. During the war his son was killed and they sent the gift or treasure back. This is the only thing he had left of a physical memory of his son and he knew from that day that it would always be his treasure. After Browns explains to Greg , Greg finally realizes that the little things do mean the most and that they can symbolize something that is better than what it actually is. He now understands why Brown is so optimistic to his treasure and the fact that everyone does have a treasure.  

Kaitlynn says “Myers reveals character by using symbolism and plot”

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     While reading the short story The Treasure of Lemon Brown, by Walter Dean Myers I started to think of what his treasure symbolizes. Myers description of the treasure is like its this amazing thing that nobody else has and that it is so extravagant that he would give his life to defend it. After reading the story, I feel extremely lucky to have the life that I have. I am very blessed to know that I have my own treasure and my own feelings about them. I really like this story because the moral is that you should be thankful for whatever you have no matter how. Now to do a little comparison to reality, I think that this story really entails the details of real life. For example, when Lemon Brown is fighting off the people who are trying to take his treasure this reminds me of a time when someone broke into my family’s house and tried to take some of the things that were dear to us. It is really horrifying to be in a situation like that, especially if it is something as valuable as Lemon Browns treasure because it’s a harmonica his son used to use in the war until he died. Lemon Brown is all alone until Greg comes along.

-“Every man got a treasure. You don’t know that, you must be a fool!”


     When Myers talks about how everybody has a treasure of some sort, I think that somebody’s treasure can be as small as the head of a pin, only as long as you consider it to be treasure. I think that my evidence supports my claim because it really shows Lemon Browns character by showing how something so small can be so great. In this story I really think that it shows how to be grateful for what you have. When Lemon Brown says, “You don’t know that, you must be a fool!” it shows that he believes what he believes in and nobody is ever gonna change that.

- “The old man carefully took off the plastic and unfolded it. He revealed some yellowed newspaper clippings and a battered harmonica.”

     This is Lemon Browns big treasure? Its only some old newspaper and a harmonica. This shows his character by saying he cares about something so little. He cares because it was his sons harmonica and the newspaper clippings are about him when he used to be a big singer back in the day. His son went off into the war and did not return. They sent Brown all of his sons belongings and these things were all he had. Lemon Brown says that it truly broke his heart and that this is all he has left from his family.

- “Anyway, he went off to war, and I went off still playing and singing.‘Course by then I wasn’t as much as I used to be, not without somebody to make it worth the while.  You know what I mean?”


     This really shows character by showing that he was all alone in his journey to becoming a star of singing. His son went off into the war and died. They sent back all his belonging and that became The Treasure of Lemon Brown. Then Greg comes along and changes his life forever. Lemon Brown was going to St. Louis in the morning and Greg was going to try out for the basketball team. In the end, his treasure helped inspire everyone in the story. Whether it was for stealing it or cherishing it.

      Finally in the end of the story all is resolved. Greg is going to play basketball, Lemon Brown will be a singer in St. Louis and The Treasure of Lemon Brown becomes an inspiration. I think when Myers wrote this story he really wanted to show the meaning of having your own treasure. Everyone has a treasure but some just don’t realize it yet. This was a really great story and it taught me a lot!